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314Decoding simulcast P25 systems

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  • Peter Elke
    Jan 20, 2009
      My hope in that the Uniden development team move to an area with a P25
      simulcast system.

      I have been traveling around the country and testing the BCD396T in
      states where they are common. In my testing I compare the 396 (with
      firware v2.9 and 3.01) with ether an Astro Saber (Mot Type II Digital)
      or an XTS2500 (for 100% P25). What I found is that the the 396 works
      very well on single transmitter sites and is almost unusable in
      simulcast areas.

      My testing was in Minneapolis, Detroit, New Orleans, Denver, Orange
      County, San Diego.

      It is amazing how the Motorola radios never hiccup and the 396 stops
      decoding even after playing with the "hold key" adjustments.

      I am confident that if the development team lived near one of these
      sites (and lived with the results daily) they would discover how to
      mathematically work out the trick of multipath decoding.

      If they get this right I will buy both a 396XT and a 996XT and stop
      lugging single band portables around with me on planes.
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