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3130recommendations for a mobile antenna

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  • w2edv
    Nov 18, 2009
      Hi Everyone,

      I'm the proud new owner of a 396XT and plan to use the unit in my car. I wish to mount an external multi-band antenna on the passenger side of the rear hatch on my Subaru Forester. The driver-side on the rear hatch is the home of my VHF/UHF transceiver stick.

      I've seen the Austin Spectra:


      and was also looking at the Comtelco antennas on the same site. The Spectra looks capable enough, but I've come across references that it can be a bit fragile. My hope is to employ a multi-band antenna (Spectra=4) so I can use the entire Rx frequency range of the scanner (25-1300MHz).

      Does anyone have any recommendations as to a good multi-band scanner antenna? The above site appears to have the best price for the Spectra. I plan to mount whatever NMO antenna I get to the hatch using a Diamond K412SNMO, which is very similar to hat I use for my vhf/uhf antenna. It's adjustable in 2 dimensions.

      thanks in advance,

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