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305Uniden 396 on outside antennas

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  • dataman60435
    Jan 1, 2009
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      My Uniden 396 performs "EXCELLENT" on all three of my outside
      antennas=RS25-1.3 grndplane with 9913coax, and two ChannelMaster 5094A
      one with 9913 and one with RG8U up 35'...Im 35 miles SW of Chicago and
      i receive all UHF-460mgz zones fine on the 396 so UHF is not a problem
      on mine...On the ILL-Starcom 700/800mgz Digital System it does very
      well using 1.13.17 ver, Auto8 and set to FM....Some have gone to 3.01
      and had bad results....I get very little overload on the 396...The
      only problem with the 396 is "AUDIO", using a external speaker is very
      helpful...The audio on the GRE/RS models is excellent...I have been a
      Uniden person for years and thank both companys for fine products....A
      very HAPPY NEW YEAR to all , i appreciate all your yearly post's and
      have learned alot....