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303What makes the 396XT better?

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  • Larry Koch
    Dec 31, 2008
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      I'm curious as to why so many on this list think the 396XT is going to be so much better than the 396. In what areas will the improvements be.

      I primarily monitor only the St Joseph, MO P25 system for the PD, Fire, ambulance, etc. I've had a BCD396, BCD996 PRO-2096, PRO-96, PSR-500 and PSR-600. All of them provide about 85% decoding. The other 15% of the time they are either choppy or digitized. Right now I have a 2096 and a PSR-600 both running. Between the two I can get about 95% of the traffic. Signal strength is not a problem. I always have 5 bars on the 600 and 97-99% on the 2096. I've tried all areas of town and get the same results. I've also tried every firmware release for every scanner...same results.

      I'm hoping that the 396XT will do a better job of decoding than anything I've tried so far.

      Any comments??

      It�s the same Hotmail�. If by �same� you mean up to 70% faster.

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