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3019Quick Search Searches Too Fast ???

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  • mobnj
    Nov 9, 2009
      I've learned how to do Quick Searches but have discovered something that concerns me. I hope there's something I can do to increase the value of this feature for me. I'm not assuming it's a design problem. I'm hoping, however, that I have failed to consider something and hope you all will "open my eyes."

      I stopped scanning and pressed "162." then "HOLD" then "HOLD" again to start the search. I "KNEW" the 396XT would land on 162.5500, a 5-bar+ signal from NOAA Weather near where I live. I say 5-Bar+ because I had tuned into that freq. and noted the DFQ (dead-full-quieting) station and the signal strength indication on the radio's display.

      When I performed the Quick Search starting at 162.0000 (as set-up as mentioned above), the radio BLEW by ANYTHING and EVERYTHING from 162.0000 to 163.0000 ... without stopping.

      I figured I'd have to lower my squelch threshold but, as it turned out, it was already just barely above the open squelch setting, so that wasn't it.

      This frequency is just a FM (NB) transmission so, what is it/what could it be that allows me to hear the voice transmissions on that freq. when I MANUALLY select the channel I have it stored in, but can't get the radio to "discover it" in the Quick Search mode?

      Note: When I press "HOLD" to stop the Quick Search and MANUALLY rotate the Select/Volume/SQL knob (click, click, click, etc.) on top of the radio until I land on 162.5500, THEN I hear it LOUD and CLEAR and again with a signal strength of 5+ bars !!

      I hope you all can help me.

      Brick, NJ
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