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2996Re: Low audio out of headphone jack?

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  • djfred600
    Oct 28, 2009
      The headphone jack is only limited to low watts the speaker inside the 396 im sure is rated no more then 10watts. Any thing more then a headphone will not work properly

      I use the headphone jack and have hooked it up to my car audio and it works perfect.

      --- In BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com, "clovisb31" <clovisb31@...> wrote:
      > I connected an external speaker to the headphone jack. Poor (as in low) audio. The internal speaker was louder. Thinking it was a stereo vs. mono issue I used a stereo to mono adapter...again no difference. Tried another "quality" speaker (Motorola) instead of the "Radio Junk" brand...same thing low audio. Anybody else try to connect an external speaker? Does the scanner just have sufficient audio out at the jack to only support an earphone? Huh?
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