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2892Re: [BCD396XT] Re: Determining and tracking a trunked system

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  • Richard A. Victor
    Oct 4, 2009
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      I'm afraid that I can't answer that for you. Frankly, I haven't run
      into a system that wasn't listed in the RR database so I've just
      programmed in the systems that I want to listen to using the
      available data rather than having to search for them. If you find a
      control channel you can look up who holds the license for that
      frequency in your area and generally find the system info once you've
      identified the system.


      At 08:34 PM 10/4/2009, you wrote:

      >Ok, but is there a fast way to just tell the XT "follow this data
      >and see where it goes" or do I have to create a temporary system,
      >program in that frequency and guess at the system type?
      >--- In BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com, "Richard A. Victor" <Victor@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > According to The Complete Reference, it indicates that data is being
      > > received on a voice channel.
      > >
      > > Dick
      > >
      > > At 04:07 AM 10/4/2009, you wrote:
      > > >The LNK is the preamble to a P25 voice transmission
      > > >
      > > >if you hit on a 9600 Baud P25 system i believe it will show "DAT"
      > > >all other trunk systems will not show anything - someone correct me
      > > >if i am wrong please.
      > > >
      > > >if it is a motorola system you can program the control channel in
      > > >and instruct the scanner to do a talkgroup search.
      > > >
      > > >Jason WX4JCW
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