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2845Re: [BCD396XT] Re: BCD396T/BCD396XT SMA connector

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  • Richard A. Victor
    Sep 27, 2009

      Here's the link that should have been included, of course.


      This page contains a reference to a gentleman that sells SMA to BNC
      adapters. As you can see, he offers a number of different models and
      lists the radios that each one is known to fit. The list may be
      helpful in your effort to sort things out.

      BTW, I'm very pleased with the two that I'm using on my 346XT and
      396XT. I think that they are the BGA-76 version. Nothing wrong with
      the ones that came with the scanners, but I find the ones from KC2 preferable.


      At 01:28 PM 9/27/2009, you wrote:
      >I've spent some time googling and seem to be piecing together that
      >indeed someone is not following spec. The trick is to figure out
      >whether the Tuf Duck/Laird SM, SMV, or SMI is 'standard'. I'm
      >kicking myself that I just sold an Icom R5 that I could have tested
      >this with. Anyone have an Icom R2 factory antenna they can test on
      >their 396? Since I have had SMA antennas which did not snug on the
      >Icom either, leaving the same gap as the SM does on the 396 - and
      >since I've found a site that says that Icom is 'standard SMA' and
      >had a vendor tell me that the 396 is standard, I must conclude that
      >I want the SMI variant. I'll still wait to hear back from Laird before buying.
      >BTW - after two days with the 396XT I have to say that of the
      >(literally) dozens of models of scanners I have owned/fixed, the XT
      >is by far the best. The T was nice, but on the XT the audio is much
      >clearer and the motorboating is gone. Also, the multi-site system
      >feature is nice since all of South Dakota uses a 55+ site
      >police/fire/CD/etc system.
      >--- In BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com, MCH <mch@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > SMA is SMA (aside from 'reversed SMA'). One of the two is not following
      > > the SMA specs. Since I've used several SMA antennas on the 396 and they
      > > all fit, I suspect it may be Laird that is the problem side. One of my
      > > favorite antennas is the dual band Tuf Duck which I don't think they
      > > make anymore (a shame since it works so well), but it is the BNC model.
      > >
      > > Joe M.
      > >
      > > bbtkdus wrote:
      > > > I recently got a Tuf Duck (Laird) EXS150SM duck for use on my
      > BCD396XT and found that it apparently uses a different variant of
      > the SMA than the 396 does. Tried it on my 396T and same
      > story. When screwed on there is a 1/8" gap between the radio and
      > duck. They also make an EXS150SMI for Icom and an EXS150SMV for
      > Vertex (Standard/Yaesu). Apparently the 396 takes an SMA with a
      > deeper socket. Anyone have any experience with different SMA
      > connectors and perhaps know what the Uniden SMA is similar to -
      > Icom or Vertex? Thanks!
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