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2832Re: [BCD396XT] BCD396T/BCD396XT SMA connector

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  • Walter Jinright
    Sep 26, 2009
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      I have a BNC to SMA adaptor that I used on my previous BCD396T that I connected to various antennas that were BNC, and the following antennas, one that was stock on a Yaesu FT-60R (Tx or Rx) , a multi-band BNC (Rx only), a VHF (Tx or Rx) BNC "high" (believe was 140's to 160's in MHz, and a UHF (Tx or Rx) that was on a radio I used in the 440 band and 460 public safety band.
      I will sell ALL, antennas and adaptor for $22 shipped to 48 US states, over-seas, contact for price quote.
      I just got rid of both of my 396 models for the new 996, the side button kept causing problems with using on my belt connector. I do not travel away from the house enough anyway, so the base models suit me better.

      These do not have to be used for the 396 alone, sure the adaptor is great for it, almost a MUST if you use a base antenna. But can be used on almost any BNC or SMA portable scanner or two-way.

      Walter Jinright

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      From: bbtkdus
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      Subject: [BCD396XT] BCD396T/BCD396XT SMA connector

      I recently got a Tuf Duck (Laird) EXS150SM duck for use on my BCD396XT and found that it apparently uses a different variant of the SMA than the 396 does. Tried it on my 396T and same story. When screwed on there is a 1/8" gap between the radio and duck. They also make an EXS150SMI for Icom and an EXS150SMV for Vertex (Standard/Yaesu). Apparently the 396 takes an SMA with a deeper socket. Anyone have any experience with different SMA connectors and perhaps know what the Uniden SMA is similar to - Icom or Vertex? Thanks!

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