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282RE: [BCD396XT] I hit the brakes on the pro-106

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  • Dewey
    Dec 31, 2008
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      I sure hope this is not entirely true! The current 396 is DEAF on the UHF
      frequencies. The only thing that I have worse is the "C" model Pro-92. The
      396 in still my "primary" radio of choice, but I can NOT use it to monitor
      DC PD (603d UHF) from my home in DC's suburbs. My 235, 245, and 250 will
      run circles around the 396 when it comes to receiving UHF (mid to upper
      400's). I can use the 235 and 245 to monitor DC PD's control channels with
      pretty much full quieting, and I still monitor DC PD on the 250 while the
      396 just sits there and says "Finding Control Channel". Sure the 235, 245
      and 250 have "larger" ground planes, but the amount is negligible! I'm
      seriously hoping that Uniden fixes whatever they broke when designing the
      current 396's front end.

      Not bashing, just an honest observation from someone who has been scanning
      DC since the early 70's with the old Realistic 4-channel portable.


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      BTW, I don't think you're going to see much change in the audio or
      reception. Both are limited by the size of the unit - the audio since the
      speaker has to be small, and the reception since there isn't much of a
      ground plane for the antenna.

      Joe M.
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