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2503Re: [BCD396XT] Radio Ref. Disconnected

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  • Richard A. Victor
    Aug 3 8:49 PM
      It's my understanding from reading many threads on RR that a new
      version of scanner software was needed due to the change in "data
      format" that RR instituted about a year ago. For quite some time RR
      ran both "formats". They granted one extension of 30 days for
      software developers that didn't have their new software ready despite
      the long advance notice. They've now turned off the old "data
      format". ProScan and FreeScan have been using the new "format" for some time.

      Apparently, Butel recently issued new versions of their software to
      deal with this, but some of it doesn't work properly. He is on
      vacation until later this month. From the postings, lots of unhappy
      people are awaiting his return.

      I put data format in quotation marks because this may not be a
      technically correct description of the change, but I think it
      expresses the concept well enough.


      At 05:37 PM 8/3/2009, you wrote:
      >Trying to access my BuTel software 396,996,396xt bottom of page says
      >RR disconnected wait retrieving HTTP data Any help with this problem thanks
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