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2490Re: [BCD396XT] Looking for comprehensive reviews and reports

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  • Jeff Miller
    Aug 2, 2009
      Take Richards advice and read the radio reference posts for your area. 
      I have both radios now because I didn't check RR. I live in Broward County Florida (FT Lauderdale Area).  I am not a radio expert so the below is from ny personal experience using borth.
      I find that the GRE500 aka RS model Pro ??? overloads easier, it seems to have more sensitivity so on the plus side picks up more.
       I have used both scanners off of a Grove Enterprises ANT05 mounted to a wall in a condo (no outdoor antennas allowed) and with the RS 800 MHZ rubber duckie scanner antenna. 
      I won't comment on audio quality since everybody's taste is different but my taste leans towards the 396XT. 
      Also since all I listen to is Public Safety which is 99% on trunked systems down here, I really have no idea how either of these scanners perfrom outside of the 800Mhz freq range,  Hopefully soon I'll get some maritime and air frequencies programmed.
      I have both scanners running almost 24/7 and both are programmed exactly the same so I will switch which one scans my local hometown stuff and which one scans everything. 

      --- On Sun, 8/2/09, Richard A. Victor <Victor@...> wrote:

      From: Richard A. Victor <Victor@...>
      Subject: Re: [BCD396XT] Looking for comprehensive reviews and reports
      To: BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Sunday, August 2, 2009, 4:49 PM


      From reading the postings on RR, I get the impression that it is no
      longer merely a matter of putting it on the bench and determining the
      specs. It appears that one radio may be better in one environment
      and another be better for some other. I think the best bet may be to
      get on RR and check in the state forums for someone in your area that
      listens to what you want to listen to. That may give you better info
      than the old fashioned review that you seek.

      An example is the latest firmware upgrade for the 396T. Some people
      say that it solved their problems and others are looking to go back
      to the previous firmware because they feel that things have gotten
      worse for them rather than better. The difference appears to relate
      to the types of systems and, in some cases, the specific systems that
      they listen to.


      At 08:12 AM 8/2/2009, you wrote:
      >I've been a 996t and 396t owner for ... well, let's just say since
      >Version 1 of the firmware and leave it at that ... and I've heard
      >great things about the GRE/RS models, but in all this time I've yet to
      >see a comprehensive compare-and- contrast- type review betwixt and
      >between them. Now we have the XT radios to contend with, and what new
      >features and characteristics they bring to the mix, and still no
      >long-and-drawn- out reviews. Do they not exist? Am I just reading the
      >wrong magazines? I don't want to have to log onto RR, for example,
      >and piece something together by reading half a hundred public postings
      >from half a hundred different people with different antennae and
      >interpretive skills for writing this kind of document; I'm looking for
      >the good, old-fashioned put-it-on-the- bench-and- test it then
      >put-it-on-an- antenna-and- listen-to- it kind of review. Any
      >recommendations greatfully received.

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