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236Re: Any dealers taking pre-orders?

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  • bigfella237
    Dec 20, 2008
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      Wayne, I'm guessing Uniden Australia will eventually release a
      UBCD396XT but the Australian versions have different firmware to the
      US models (different cellular frequencies blocked being the main
      diff) which take time to compile; typically it takes AT LEAST six
      months after the US release before you will see a particular model
      down under, if they release it at all?!

      It does not surprise me to learn that UA have not heard about the XT
      yet, at least not the stooges that answer the phones anyway, they're
      just towing the party line. Maybe the guys that re-jig the firmware
      may have gotten a heads up by now but you won't get any info out of
      them with regards to a release date!

      You could of course import one yourself but UA won't want to know you
      if you have a warranty issue and apparently it wouldn't properly
      track some of the Aussie 800Mhz trunk systems (some of the channels
      are in a blocked range of the US model) or some sites on the NSW-GRN
      (which uses three split 400Mhz bands).

      Still, it's interesting that they would actually tell you it was
      a "Christmas prank"?

      Happy Holidays to all!
      The Bigfella

      P.S. "UBCD396XT", come on guys, there's still a couple of letters
      left in the alphabet you can throw in there! :)

      --- In BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com, "Wayne" <turbine_prop@...> wrote:
      > Hi all.
      > My name is Wayne and I'm in Australia, I was about to go ahead and
      order the 396D ( Digital ) in Australia when I learned about the
      396XLT the next day I rung Uniden Australia's head office and spoke
      to the head of Sales, Marketing and distribution to ask when and of
      if this model will be released in Australia.
      > So far that's the way it has happened only to be told NO it's just
      a Christmas prank that some one is running on the net and that I had
      been sucked into a scanner that doesn't even exist despite me
      directing this person to the various sites on the web they would not
      have a bar of it, so I'll be interested to see if
      > ( A ) dose it appear in the US and
      > (B) dose it make it to Australia
      > Either way you can bet if either happen I'll be onto Uniden in
      Australia and back to the person to whom I spoke to so quickly it's
      not funny either they are
      > (A) right and we have all been sucked in or
      > (B) they are trying to put people off the trail or
      > (C) they really are just Dumb
      > Thanks for the info that has been passed in this group so far I'll
      keep an eye here with great interest.
      > Rgs
      > Wayne.
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