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197Re: Are we any closer to knowing the release date for the 396XT?....and what about firmware?

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  • torontokris
    Nov 29, 2008
      So you would have switched brands due to the memory?

      Then what go to GRE PSR-500 or Pro-106 and get 1800 total objects per
      v-folder instead of 6000?

      If your struggling with needing more then 6000 at one time
      other brands wouldnt help you out, even with v-folders.

      No other digital scanner has even come close to Uniden's 6000 channel
      limit at one time.

      But yes its nice to see the memory increase in the next model.

      --- In BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com, "randybcd396t" <randybcd396t@...> wrote:
      > I for one appreciate the pre-announcements well ahead of availability.
      > I currently have the BCD396T and have been struggling with memory
      > limits for the past 6 months. If it were not for the pre-announcement,
      > I would have already switched to another brand.
      > Randy
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