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1477Re: WX Priority

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  • John Crowe
    May 1, 2009
      No I got that part wrong...  I "mis-thought" about it...  If I had paid better attention while programing the SAME codes, I'd have gotten that right... <Grrrr>
      I'm adding a "Tri-County" entry for the 3 counties at once and keeping the individual ones that I already have to zero in should I need to...

      BTW, Paul, remember, I said I was a 'bit" dissapointed...  I do NOT regret buying this scanner in any way shape of form!  
      I suspected you're answer was going to be something like it needed to have 2 receivers in it...

      Thanks to all for setting me straight on this topic!


      >Posted by: "SRehm24416@..." SRehm24416@...   rehmj@...
      >Thu Apr 30, 2009 7:10 am (PDT)

      >I too have multiple "counties" programmed into the WX alert. Is it true I can only monitor one?county at a time? Sounds odd since all my other cheaper scanners can monitor more than >one. I think??

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