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134Re: [BCD396XT] Re: Are we any closer to knowing the release date for the 396XT?....and what about firmware?

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  • Brian
    Nov 22, 2008
      OK, let me rephrase that....Uniden announced firmware updates first when the 500 came out and there was a lot of buzz going on....yet the update reports were that it was being worked on. Not ready to go...being worked on...Then a list of what was going to be in that firmware upgrade was announced.....go back and check all the Radio Reference archieves. HUGE time gap from announcement of firmware update and then the proposed release.....THEN after a less than well received upgrade, an announcement to....."Keep Looking Here" with little hints and the release plan. When the 246 and 396 were announced a full line of pictures somehow became public and that was the teaser. Several pictures of prototypes. So the activity I have observed from Uniden has been markedly different this time. GRE wasn't releasing a model if I recall when the 396 was announced. So, I still stand by my position that the promise of working on a long awaited firmware upgrade
      coincidentally was announced right after the release of the 500 but the actual firmware release and all that checksum nonsense came well after that. Then after all that the "Teaser" Avatar of UPMan came out in his Radio reference posts and the announcemnt of the 396XT. You are probably correct in your observation and thank you for pointing that out, but this timeline was a little different this time around. Sorry I didn't mention the sudden firmware update announcemnt out of the blue and all the things leading up to this latest product offering.

      I own more Unidens than GRE's by the way.....and they get used daily. Not a GRE spokesman.

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      <sarcasm mode on>

      You must be right. The fact that they've announced the last 5 models
      about 6 months ahead of time, and they made a Q3 2008 announcement that
      it would be available in Q1 2009 (about 6 months later) MUST be due to
      other factors. There must be something different about this '6 months',
      and it must be due to all the hype about a scanner that was released
      over a year ago.

      <sarcasm mode off>

      Joe M.

      Brian wrote:
      > Not really....They had to do something to distract/disrupt the momentum and constant chatter generated by the GRE PSR500. Only my 2 cents.

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