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Re: [BC346XT] Re: Hello to the group

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  • Maggie-o@comcast.net
    Thanks to all of you for your help. I will get this subscription and I m learning how to program - thanks to MarkScanners!! Am away so can t write more now -
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 27, 2010
      Thanks to all of you for your help. I will get this subscription and I'm learning how to program - thanks to MarkScanners!! Am away so can't write more now - but thank you all.
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      Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2010 14:17:22
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      There is a learning curve for the DMA scanners from the bank type of scanners.
      If you obtain the freescan program and get a six month subscription to
      you can use freescan to download the systems you want to scan from the
      radioreference web site to your radio.

      Best Regards, Keith

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      > Hi there - I feel a lot like the person below from PA - I have
      > programmed other scanners and am having issues with this one..
      > MarkScanners helped me a lot so far, and your/his manaual in "files"
      > is 100 times better than the CD, so thanks for letting me know about
      > that. I am managing to program a group of convention channels, so far,
      > althouh it's tedious. I would like to be able to assign numbers to
      > certain individual entries, like a freq for "sprinfield fire" or
      > something - can I go back and do that with the number tag thing? It
      > sure seems like a lot of steps to get these entered. Also - I am not
      > doing well with the squelch setting - but I did just see some option
      > that seems to set it for you?? Not sure about that.
      > Then I will program in my trunk group - I wonder if I should put in
      > the talk groups I know or let it search? My old scanner I put in the
      > talk groups, but if I wanted it to search instead, I just pushed a
      > "search" button..
      > Also - I see people connecting to their computers.. what for? Can you
      > download sets of freq's and/or trunk info?
      > Is there any way to copy the stuff I have on my 245 XLT to my 346
      > XLT??
      > Thanks, in advance, for your help. I know my id says Miriam - but I
      > am Maggie - either way.. thanks for any advice anyone can give me.. I
      > didn't want it to take three years to set this thing up!!!
      > --- In BC346XT@yahoogroups.com, "WA3FKG" <wa3fkg@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Greetings from Oakmont Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittsburgh, where
      > I
      > > have just purchased a used BC346XT. This is my first Uniden radio
      > with
      > > the dynamic memory system and I have to say even though I usually
      > pick
      > > up a new scanner and fudge my way through the basic functions
      > without
      > > ever opening the manual this one has me scratching my head just a
      > > little.
      > > I did not get the CD with the radio that contains the manual so I
      > have
      > > been looking at it on line at Uniden's site. Problem is it has
      > been
      > > difficult for me to sit at my computer when I have time to tinker
      > with
      > > the new toy. I searched for the manual in PDF format being given a
      > > number of pointers to file sections here on Yahoo but not coming up
      > with
      > > what I'm seeing on line. Until now that is.
      > > The document I found in your files section was just what the doctor
      > > ordered. Now I have to find an interface cable and a good software
      > > package since even though I want to know how to program the radio
      > by
      > > hand in the field if I need to, it is not my first choice when I
      > have a
      > > computer available that will make the job much easier on both my
      > fingers
      > > and the buttons and switches in the radio. So I thank the founder
      > for
      > > the group and those that contribute to the knowledge base that it
      > > provides.
      > >
      > >
      > >
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