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    Hi Joe. Will do. Ahhhh! Now That s More Like It I am kind of a scanner junkie. Most days I have two radios on me with surveillance type ear pieces going to
    Message 1 of 1 , May 20, 2010
      Hi Joe. Will do.

      Ahhhh! Now That's More Like It

      I am kind of a scanner junkie. Most days I have two radios on me with
      surveillance type ear pieces going to each ear and the little plastic tubes
      poking out from the back of my neck. (And yes that does get strange looks
      from strangers and no I did not wear those around the Secret Service when I
      saw George W. Busch at the NRB convention a few years ago.) For years now my
      two radios have been a Uniden DMA scanner (first a BCD396T now a BCD396XT)
      and an amateur radio handy talkie (HT). I carried a Kenwood TH-F6A for many
      years (actually I wore out the charging jack on one and had to get a second
      one) and recently I bought a Yaesu FT-60r. These are great radios but both
      of them had the same problem. The designers never intended for you to scan
      with the radios while they are hanging on your belt.

      The problem exhibits itself most profoundly when you get in and out of a
      vehicle which I do all day a couple of days a week. If it is winter time the
      situation is even worse! For example if you wear an amateur HT on your belt
      you absolutely have to disable transmit because it is just too easy to
      transmit and not know it (at least until your side warms up). So why is it
      that after you disable transmit, the radio has to stop the scan to tell you
      that you did? Then there is Key Lockout. That would be a wonderful feature
      if the PTT didn't stop the scan.

      So for years I have had reach down at my side and manipulate buttons while
      driving--sometimes restoring the scanning but just as often not.

      Today, however was different. I have been watching the Uniden site for
      months waiting for a nylon case to be available for purchase. My current
      BCD396XT has one but I decided that when I could get another one I would
      start carrying my BC346XT. Last week the case became available and I pounced
      on it. It arrived yesterday and I took the 346XT with me today. I loaded an
      exact copy of my 396XT into the 346XTvia FreeScan (sans digital of course).
      I then put it in Key Safe mode and away I went.

      It was such a pleasure to jump (ok maybe I should say crawl or slide) in and
      out of my truck and not hear a single beep signaling that I had just knocked
      the radio out of scan. I'll hang on to my Yaesu HT and will even carry it
      with me from time to time but the double Uniden scanner compliment is here
      to stay.


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      Why not just post the info here rather than a post of how you can get to
      the post?

      I'm curious what you wrote, but I'm not going to follow links to find out.

      Joe M.

      DMAScanning.com wrote:
      > Hello all,
      > A few months ago I created a blog about Uniden DMA Scanners. Since then I
      > have posted a few things of special interest to folks getting started.
      > I posted a blog that addresses one of the features I really like about
      > Uniden scanners on a daily basis.
      > I hope you'll check it out and maybe let me know what you think about the
      > concept of a DMA scanner blog.
      > The blog is at dmascanning.com
      > Thanks,
      > Don, KE4JD
      > P.S. I am not selling anything!
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      > ------------------------------------
      > DL Link for FREE UASD Software:
      > <http://www.uniden.com/rn_productsupport_downloads.cfm?product=BCD396T>
      > Please upload your UASD files here:
      > <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BCD396T/files/>
      > (In the software files / UASD subdirectories)
      > Group FAQ: <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BCD396T/database>Yahoo! Groups

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