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984RE: [BC346XT] Car adapter

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  • Mark W. Walton
    May 1, 2014
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      On the subject of power: There is a special California version of the BC346XT, called the BC346XTC, without the recharging circuit and related features, but otherwise identical. Supposedly, this is to comply with California Energy Commission regulations. Can anyone shed any light on those? Sounds strange to me.



      Mark Walton



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      Thank Mark and Joe very much for your replies. I appreciate your answers and will look for a car adapter to match it. The old adapter that I was using I used it for my old pro-95 that did well with it but when I hooked up to the BC scanner it fried the plug on the cord, must have had it set wrong. so just was making sure that I didn't need a special adapter. Thank you again :-) 


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