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942Re: Selecting One Frequency Question

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  • xrboys
    Jan 18, 2014

      Maggie, I have set up my Groups in a way that might work for you.

      I set up a ‘ever-enlarging’ circle.  Groups can be toggled on and off individually just by press the # on the keypad.  Quick and easy.

      You could select group 1 only or 1 & 4 & 5 or all the groups etc.  My groups are set up as follows:

      1.  My city PD.  2.  My city EMS/FS.  3.  My city services, and the local gas company.  4.  My city’s large university PD, adjacent city PD, local airport.  5.  My county sheriff’s office.  6. Other cities close to me PD & EMS.  7.  Local highway patrol & Dept. of Transportation (snowplows)  8.  All air ambulance services.  9.  Local hams repeaters. 

      I can listen to some, one or all or all and then listen for a call of interest and so choose just that group and toggle the others off.



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