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890Re: [BC346XT] Talk group Ida and system Ids

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  • Uniden UPMan
    May 15 3:36 PM
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      For the first question, you must play detective.
      For the second, talk groups don't "go with" system sites. What happens is that if a user whos radio is set for a particular channel affiliates with a site, then that site will carry traffic for that channel. If no user for a particular channel is associated with a site, that site will not carry that channel's traffic. It is somewhat dynamic in that regard. (There are some specific exceptions where the system administrator can prevent certain channels from affiliating with certain sites, but that is fairly uncommon.)
      So, on a statewide system like Colorado, the sites to the far west will not typically carry Denver traffic. But if someone from Denver drives out west with their radio set to a Denver channel, each site that the radio affiliates with will carry the Denver channel traffic until the radio affiliates with another site (or is otherwise out of range).

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      > From: fivesolas2004 <fivesolas2004@...>
      >To: BC346XT@yahoogroups.com
      >Sent: Wednesday, May 15, 2013 4:47 PM
      >Subject: [BC346XT] Talk group Ida and system Ids

      >I am scanning Muskogee regional communications system found at http://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=4416#sites
      >I have it scanning ALL the blue, red, and black freqs listed for Columbus
      >It is set to search and store Ids
      >Several Ids that are found are not listed at above web page. Is there a way to look them up or must I listen to them and play detective?
      >Also, I'm having trouble understanding which regional trunking systems sites go with what talk groups below. I know that you should check to see of you can hear the red or blue freqs for data traffic in conventional mode, and I hear nothing on several of then other sites OTHER THAN Columbus and I hear no data period. I'll assume I'm to far away to listen to them because there's not sound on those data channels?
      >Thanks for all your help. I bought a home patrol and returned it because it would pick the wrong site for ft Benning, and would not let me manually pick the site for Benning without the extreme upgrade.. No way I'm investing $600 in a scanner..
      >Thanks for your help again!

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