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876Re: [BC346XT] BC346XT - would like someone to program and explain use

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  • Robert Terzi
    Mar 30, 2013
      On 3/30/2013 11:00 AM, ghahn555 wrote:
      > I'm not a radio/scanner aficionado. I'm a train geek.

      I'm not in your area, nor am I a train geek, but I there are two features
      of your new scanner that could get you going quickly without programming.

      > [...] would like to be able to listen to railroad radio chatter while I'm taking
      >pics alongside the tracks

      If you are in close proximity, try the Close Call feature to see what
      nearby signals your scanner can pick up. There are several Close Call
      modes, but you might want to start with Close Call Only which you can
      get to from the Menu. Press the menu button, scroll to Close Call with
      the knob on top, press the knob to select, select close call Only.

      (There is a short cut to get into close call, tapping the Function Key and then hold
      down the hold button for second. You'll see the Hold button has a close call symbol
      next to it, a C in a circle).

      When in close call only mode, you might need to hit the 2 key to turn off
      broadcast FM band if there are any strong FM broadcast stations near you
      that are being picked up with close call.

      I've used close call while riding on a train to pickup some of the train
      chatter without knowing the frequencies or having any programmed.

      Your scanner also has a number of built-in searches, that includes railroad.
      Use the menu, scroll down to "Search For", select it, then select "Search Service",
      then select "Railroad". It will now search a number of common pre-programmed
      radio frequencies.

      If you hear channels you want to save, hit the E/Yes button. Then hit it
      again the save it in the built-in Quick Save group. You can add other information
      like a name or your can just hit LO the lockout button to return to your search.

      Hope this helps,
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