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843Trying again

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  • xrboys
    Feb 26, 2013
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      I'm trying again 6 months later. I'm in UCAN in Utah, Motorola type II Smartzone OmniLink and some conventionals also. Using RR & Arc Pro I choose channels on RR and transferred them to Arc then to the 346XT. That worked, the quick keys aren't working. I double checked and all the group quick keys were how I wanted them but it appears that I can only pick system quick keys and even though I hit <func> then a 1-4 number the only things I can affect are the 'SO' line not the GRP line below it.
      Question 1: Every time I choose another group in RR to transfer, it would put it in a new system. Can I have just one system and just do all my scanning selections using only groups (and therefore GQK's)?
      Or should I change it around and have all my selections as 'systems'?

      Question 2: In RR I attempted to choose just the sites I wanted but if I didn't select all of them, I would tell me "A site must be selected". If it's wasting scanning time, I'd like to just seek the sites that are close, not have to scan all of them.
      If my question makes you angry in any way please don't answer. I was treated rudely last time and threw the thing in a box for 6 months. I am really trying to understand and learn.
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