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837Re: [BC346XT] What button?

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  • Thomas Scarborough
    Feb 19, 2013
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      THANKS ALOT! I got it working again.
      Tom S

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      >Subject: [BC346XT] What button?

      >I have had my scanner (BC346XT) for about a year. Long enough to forget how to
      >drive the thing.
      >Was working fine scanning like I want. For some reason it stopped on a "Close
      >Channel"(?)> I thought I pushed the LockOut button. Anyway now it sits and looks
      >back at me. Display says: Scan Mode Nothing to Scan. All of my programmed
      >channels are in there but I can't get it to scan.
      >Any ideas what I hit that has it locked up. I have turned it off, removed
      >batteries, nothing seems to work. I know I did something stupid but I don't know
      >what. I really don't want to "CLEAR" and reprogram if I can help it.
      >Thanks in advance!
      >Tom S

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