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815Re: [BC346XT] Re: Turning a Site or Group on and off

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  • MCH
    Nov 24, 2012
      When Atlanta is up, hit Function L/O L/O
      (yes - L/O twice) and it will "go away".

      Joe M.

      Maggie OConnor wrote:
      > Hey there! A million Thank You’s!!
      > I held down the hold button until it beeped and my “Main” and “Main2” came back! Seems I have most stuff under Main2 – my individual freq’s and my trunked group – at least that’s what it looks like now when it’s scanning - so not sure what’s under my “Main” – but that’s okay..
      > Now – only problem is it’s still scanning “Atlanta” – and I don’t want to be doing that – I don’t live there – somehow I programmed/turned it “on” while trying to turn back on my groups. If anyone can tell me how to turn that off – is it a lockout? – It would be much appreciated. It’s scans by it really fast – since nothing stops – as I’m not near there – it might be hard and it’s not the end of the world. At least I have my own groups back.
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