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806Turning a Site or Group on and off

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  • Maggie OConnor
    Nov 23, 2012
      Okay – I know – stupid questions.. I have two “sets” of things programmed into my scanner – and one is turned off and I can’t figure out how to turn it back on. So I show “group 1” on the group (a trunked band) that’s scanning.. But I have a bunch of “un-trunked” frequencies programmed and I’m not getting them.. I see a “MAIN” and a “MAIN2” – not sure if it’s one of those.. I see an MSP – not sure if that’s mine (Mass State Police) – or if that’s a “default.”

      So – I either need Group 2 turned on – or MAIN2 turned on – but I can’t figure out how.

      When it’s scanning, it says “Site 43-1” MOT (that’s my Motorola trunked band)

      It also flashes Group 1 – and shows ID-Scan.

      Also – is the “menu” button the “back” button – or is there some other back button?

      I have adored my 245xlt and done nothing but struggle with this newer one – I just got my two sets of stuff in it and don’t do anything else..

      Thanks to you folks for always being there to help me when I need it! I looked at the Mark Scanners info for this – and for right now – I still can’t figure it out.. It said something about doing the function key and then the number – not sure.

      Thanks again - Maggie

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