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75346 custom search problem

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  • dataman60435
    Jun 12, 2009
      On the 246,396 you create a "custom search" 866.0125-868.9875, use CC-Only, Mod-AUTO, STANDARD/Motorola SETTINGS (not custom), on the 246 and 396 activate the search and it stops on the first active CC with name of city and "----" procedes to employ your ID's, the 346 shows you the wrong freqy for the CC and ghost IDs=instead of 208 it shows i80168 with no audio...Do i need to use "custom setting" instead of STANDARD or Splinter but no city here has rebanded as yet....Been in scanning 40 years and have no problem programming anything...In a previous post "Jan Fine posted same problem but i can't find a remedy anywhere??...Thank You....Jan or Upman, where are you.....
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