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708Re: [BC346XT] Help

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  • MCH
    Jan 14, 2012
      Likely because RS232 is a standard for communications while USB is not.
      For USB, you need software (drivers) for each ship for each OS.
      Currently, that's a couple dozen drivers you need for each product. With
      RS232, it's plug-n-play (and it will be for decades).

      The sad part is that RS232 is so reliable and cheap, but PC
      manufacturers are not adding it to save a buck (literally - one dollar).

      Fortunately, you can easily add them to almost any PC. Even my iPad has
      an option for an RS232 cable. And from rumors, there is an iOS
      application in development for Uniden scanners.

      Joe M.

      Mark W. Walton wrote:
      > I have to wonder why Uniden is hitching
      > its wagon to a falling star by supplying a cord 9-pin serial plug when
      > serial ports are dying. The USB cord is well worth the extra $35 it cost me.
      > Mark Walton
      > mark.walton@...
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