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705Re: [BC346XT] Help

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  • Jonathan Coles
    Jan 14, 2012
      Yes. The BC346XT is anything but intuitive. I have used
      scanners before and seldom needed to consult the manual.
      This one makes the simplest tasks difficult.

      I kept getting stuck in "Direct Entry" mode -- couldn't find
      a way out as there's no Enter key. After some random jabbing
      at keys, I discovered that HOLD functions as enter, at least
      for direct entry.

      It's easy to get stuck in the menus if you press the wrong
      buttons. Sometimes power off is the only way out, when all
      other keypresses produce that annoying "error" sound.

      When I bought the unit, I was interested in the Close Call
      feature. I had expected something like a "near-field only"
      mode. As far as I can tell, it's just a non-adjustable high
      squelch level. Usually it stops on the strongest local FM
      radio station. Not very useful.

      The FreeScan program looks promising. Its interface is
      easier to understand than the menus on the device's tiny LCD.

      There are probably good features in the BC346XT, but they
      are hard to access.

      On 11-12-27 10:29 AM, billinchat wrote:
      > OK, I am brand new to scanners, got a Uniden BC346XT for
      > Christmas, don't know anything about it at all, have
      > batteries in and all charged up. Now what? I have the
      > manual online but do not really understand what they are
      > talking about. I will oreder the easier manual from
      > ScannerMaster when they are restocked but meanwhile would
      > like to do something with this, yet I do not want to
      > aggravate you seasoned users with idiotic questions. Any
      > suggestions.
      > Bill

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