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  • sraasch
    Dec 28, 2011
      Hi all...

      I also got a BC346XT for the holidays. I have some scanner experience (owned and was moderately successful using my PRO-94 for a while). I have been through the official and "better" manuals. What I notice seems to be missing is a HOWTO approach for the relaive newbie. Both manuals are probably fine for someone with some experience, but it took quite a bit of digging to find out how to do a simple scan of the public safety bands.

      Not being one to simply complain/whine/etc, what I think I will do is try to put together something for someone with a little less expertise. I hope that I can find support here for the (many) questions I'm likely to need answered.

      If something like what I'm describing already exists, I'd appreciate a pointer so as to not duplicate the work.


      --- In BC346XT@yahoogroups.com, "billinchat" <billinchat@...> wrote:
      > OK, I am brand new to scanners, got a Uniden BC346XT for Christmas, don't know anything about it at all, have batteries in and all charged up. Now what? I have the manual online but do not really understand what they are talking about. I will oreder the easier manual from ScannerMaster when they are restocked but meanwhile would like to do something with this, yet I do not want to aggravate you seasoned users with idiotic questions. Any suggestions.
      > Bill
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