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664RE: [BC346XT] charging question

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  • Mark W. Walton
    Oct 23, 2011
      MODERATOR'S NOTE:That only indicates that the charge timer has elapsed, not that the batteries are fully charged.

      When it's charging, "Normal Charging" appears on the display. When the display blanks out, then the batteries should be fully charged. For my scanner, I have the charge time set to 2 hours, that's ample for the supplied batteries (1800 mAh) and for some spares (2600 mAh).

      Mark Walton

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      There is no way to positively detect a full charge in the scanner other than
      charging for the maximum duration.

      >From: Karen <kpagnotti@...>
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      >Subject: [BC346XT] charging question
      >How do you know when your scanner is charged when using the adapter?
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