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581Re: [BC346XT] Tone-out alert sound

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  • MCH
    Feb 5, 2011
      The 346 has no dedicated "tone alert sound". It has a pallete of 10
      tones that you can use for Tone Outs, Channel Alerts, and any other
      alert the scanner makes. It sounds like you have an audio alert assigned
      to one of your channels that is sounding when it becomes active. But,
      there could be other causes, too. To help narrow it down, review all the
      alert tone settings in your scanner, and change some to help determine
      what kind of alert you are hearing.

      The scanner cannot have an active FTO alert unless it's in the dedicated
      FTO mode. It cannot alert on FTO while scanning.

      Joe M.

      None wrote:
      > My scanner will occassionaly sound the alert tone on the priority channel when it is not set for the tone out feature.
      > Any ideas what could be causing this?
      > Thanks, Bob
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