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552Re: [BC346XT] Hanging issue

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  • Gus Oliver Davis
    Jan 10, 2011
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      The frequencies are in the 800Mhz trunked Motorola range. When it "hangs" it's
      as if some user has an open keyed up mic. There's a soft hissing in the

      Squelch is set at 2, I've played with that setting to see if it has any effect..
      no, it doesn't stop the "hanging".
      When the antenas are disconected it does not hang up an any channels.
      Reception is very poor and choppy since the hanging issue began, they're related
      I'm sure. I live in a major metro area and reception has always been strong.
      I just turned on the scanner and recieved nothing for a few moments then some
      brief choppy conversation at 858.2625 then it hangs on that channel, no more
      scanning just hanging.

      I really hope my scanner is not dead but it's looking grim.

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      Sent: Sat, January 8, 2011 9:40:18 PM
      Subject: Re: [BC346XT] Hanging issue

      What are some of the frequencies involved?

      What is your exact squelch setting?

      Does it do this without the antenna connected?

      Joe M.

      boinc99@... wrote:
      > My 346XT has recently started hanging up on channels when scanning. I
      > have checked everything I can think of, squelch, attenuator etc, even
      > rebooted the scanner several times and still, it is hanging up on some
      > channels when I'm in scan mode. Yes, I've locked those channels when it
      > happens and it just finds another channel to hang up on; it's very
      > annoying. It's as if I've turned on "hold". Can anyone suggest how to
      > fix this? Please help!
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