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529Re: [BC346XT] Re: On it's way

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  • Maggie OConnor
    Jan 1, 2011
      I was extremely frustrated and, in many ways, disappointed when I upgraded from the BC245XLT to the 346. The speaker went bad on my old one, so I figured I should buy the newer model.. I was totally unable to even get started until this GREAT group sent me to

      That got me able to program my scanner and has tons of good stuff in it.. I use a bunch of regular old frequencies and a motorola trunked system for our Mass State Police. I got everything working w/out much trouble thanks to Marks Website. I already knew the freq's I wanted/needed from an old scanner book I bought long ago, as well as from free online google searches.. so I did all my programming manually.

      I hate to say that I still basically hated the new scanner.. for one, the print on the screen is smaller and at age 52 I don't see that well, and it's hard to "peek" at it when it stops on a channel so I can see what freq it is or what talk group etc. Also, I liked (which I think could be done on this scanner too - just more work) being able to know that my fire dept was on Channel 31, so I could just hit "manual" and then 31 manual and be on my fire channel in an instant.. On the old scanner, those numbers were there as you were setting the channels/freqs.. I do believe I could PROGRAM those numbers in now - but I haven't bothered.. I bought another old model from ebay!!! HOWEVER - I believe this 346 scanner can do a lot more than my old one - if you want to.. and especially be used for these computer programs you are all talking about.. I never tried any, but sounds need that they have them and you can get your scanner programmed that way.. We have a few places we go on vaca and I have those freq's plugged in to different "banks" on the old scanner. On the new scanner I made those as different "groups." but I have to say the amount of "steps" to do anything on this new scanner is ridiculous.. and also, having had about 3 older model BC scanners, I can't believe they "swapped" the scan/manual buttons from having the scan on top, to now the manual/hold on top.. totally throws me off when I want to grab it quickly and have it hold! Maybe that's why they put it on top - I don't know.

      So - I'm not being very helpful, except to say that this group will help you get to know and maybe love your knew scanner, and Mark's scanners has awesome stuff on it... Thanks to all of you for all the help you gave me and continue to give fellow listeners.. I am bummed that a few years ago they turned off the repeaters at our EMS station, so I can't hear the ambulances transmissions to hospitals anymore!!! That took the most fun of my scanner away.. Anyway, - good luck - you will do fine.. with time and patience, which I just didn't have!!!

      - Maggie

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      It can be intimidating at first. Radio Reference is a great source of
      info and support. Start here:
      http://wiki.radioreference.com/index.php/BC346XT (Note reference
      section at the bottom of the page especially the easy read manual.)

      Or here:

      What area are you desirous of scanning?

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