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519Help - I think

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  • J. J. KF5HCV
    Dec 31, 2010
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      The scanner came in today and I have never been more confused with what I call partial instructions. Can one of you let me call you or you call me or even give me a number that I can call from Uinden to at least get some idea on what I am doing. You can email me at jjaa1963@... to set up how we make contact so as not to give out to much info online.
      I can see where a person could make a little money giving classes on this unit. Years ago I had a simple Bearcat but it was so simple to work. Sorry about having to ask but I have an idea I am not the only one that has problems programing this unit. Actually it is a Birthday ( her Birthday is today ) gift to my wife that both of us will use but she is ready to start listening as soon as possible. Thanks JJ