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5Re: [BC346XT] Re: Uniden Announces BCD396XT and BC346XT Handheld Scanners

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  • Paul Opitz
    Sep 29, 2008
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      These are the features that are added to the BC246T. GPS support is included (as mentioned in the announcement) as is control channel data output w/o tap.

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      Are these all the features for the new 396, or just some of the big
      features? On another forum, someone mentioned if radio ID's would be
      available, also what about a discriminator tap, or perhaps GPS


      > The BCD396XT will provide the same enhancements to Uniden's Trunk
      > Tracker IV flagship handheld platform. In addition, this new model
      > � Trunk Tracker IV � follows trunked traffic on APCO 25,
      > Motorola, LTR, and EDACS systems (including EDACS systems using
      > � 25,000 total channels
      > � NAC Decoding � allows specific agencies to be monitored
      > on P25 conventional channels
      > � P25 One-Channel Trunking � supports P25 conventional
      > systems that include both NAC and TGID access control on a single
      > frequency
      > � Automatic P25 Threshold � fully automates the
      > optimization of P25 reception
      > � Multicolor Display Backlight � allows the selection of
      > backlight color to meet the user's own aesthetic taste
      > � Visual Alert Notification � lets alerts be assigned to
      > specific display colors, flash patterns, audible tones, and volume
      > levels.
      > Both models are expected to be released in early 2009 at prices
      > comparable to the models being replaced.
      > * These models are still under development, so all features are
      > to modification or removal based on actual development and testing
      > results. No statement in this press release should be considered
      as a
      > promise to deliver or guarantee of performance.
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