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486Strange Problem

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  • fmalloy@sbcglobal.net
    Oct 26, 2010
      Ran into a very strange issue with the 346XT.

      Entered in the rebanding data thru Custom Band Plan, and updated the CC freqs for the Santa Clara, CA Motorola II system, which just rebanded.

      The scanner didn't seem to find the CC, but in ID SEARCH mode I could see the full signal bars flicker during the scanning as usual, indicating there is a CC somewhere. I did a Hold on the CC, and I heard voice transmissions not data, but others confirmed it was a CC. It's as if the freq display did not match what it was tuned to. Weird...

      I ended up deleting all the freqs from the site, and just re-entered them again (same freqs), and now it's working. Whew!

      Could this be the firmware bug that was fixed in the latest version? I am still waiting for my USB cable to arrive. I had programmed it initially using FreeScan and the serial cable, but I got a new computer with USB only since then. I'll be updating the firmware when the cable arrives.
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