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458Re:Frequency database download

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  • E J Skidmore
    Oct 9, 2010
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      I use Freescan with the Radio Reference data .

      1. Create the system and group you need.

      2. Locate the data in Radio Reference that you want to use to populate
      your group. Highlight that data and copy it to the clipboard.

      3. Open the group you want to populate in Freescan. Then open EZ-grab in
      that group.

      4. Click "Copy fron Clipboard" in the EZ-Grab screen. Using the dropdowns
      assure that the data you want has the proper column headings.

      5. Click "Import into Freescan"

      6. Close the EX-Grab screen. Your group is now populated.

      It is more difficult that a direct import but it works.

      Freescan is available here: http://scannow.org/index.htm


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