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  • wwilkie3999@rogers.com
    Aug 31, 2010
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      The screen on my BC346XT has gone blank.
      I'm not sure exactly when this happened.
      May have been when I was loading it using BUTEL XT, or not.
      This is something I have done many times with no issues.
      I also have the BC396XT and have had no issues with that one.

      Using BUTEL XT Virtual Control, the radio works fine.
      Everything displays as it should on the laptop display and the scanner works as intended.
      Just nothing displayed on the screen.
      The backlight does work.

      To date, this is what I have done in an attempt to rectify this issue.

      I have done the Firmware update, again, numerous times...neg results.
      I have done the "RESET" numerous times, again with neg results.

      The scanner was purchased from Scanner Masters in November of 09.
      Since then it has led a very pampered life on my desk.
      Does anyone have any suggestions or steps to take?
      Failing all remedies, I'm assuming that it is covered under the 1 year warranty.
      If so, from Ontario in Canada, where do I send it for repair or replacement?

      Thanks so much in advance.

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