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334sites, systems, group q keys ?

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  • keithf
    Apr 29, 2010
      Hi, thanks for the info about moto type 2 it worked great. I created the site which I called suffolk county. And entered a group called suffolk police.
      I now want to enter all the fire id's and ambulance id's and so on,
      My first question is ,
      Do I have to create new sites for each of those, or just put them into their respective groups and put them all under the site/system called suffolk county ?

      Question 2 ,
      Group quick keys. If there is 2 different systems and/or sites. Let's say system 1 is conventional stuff and system/site 2 is motorola. Can I assign the same group quick key
      For each. Or has the gqk's have to be different even though it's different systems/sites

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