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298Re: 70yr old dummy needs a little HELP

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  • kayi4cle
    Apr 3, 2010
      Not to be picky or anything, but there are 22 Scanlists on the Pro-106. In addition to the 20, you have FAVS (21) and Skywarn (22). You can put any frequencies you want into the Skywarn scan, and you enable it by pressing FUNC WX.

      --- In BC346XT@yahoogroups.com, "Larry Williams" <larryscan@...> wrote:
      > WOW. A person cant think for himself on this forum. My Banks dont have a set # of freq's. There ARE Banks in these radios if you set the PGM that way. If you have WIN500 I'll email you several programs all having 20 each plus FAV's. Because the Mfg says this is the way its going to be does not have to be absolute. People can still think out of the box. Best Regards to all, Larry
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