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297Re: [BC346XT] 70yr old dummy needs a little HELP

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  • mch@nb.net
    Apr 3, 2010
      As I said before, you can call them or name them whatever you want. All we are telling you is that the 346/106 scanners have no banks as the term is defined in the industry (a fixed number of channels grouped together). They both have dynamic memory. You can argue until you are blue in the face, but one of the people you are arguing with represents the manufacturer. Feel free to tell him he doesn't know his product - especially when DMA scanners was his concept. ;->

      Uniden has no banks in the 346 - it has Systems.

      GRE has no banks in the 106/500. It has Scanlists.

      If you want to call them banks, please do. But, please also don't complain about not understanding the way the memory is organized if you continue to call them something they are not. you can also call them banks in the text tags. That does not make them banks.

      Oh, and yes I have Win500, and I have to define the Scanlist(s) for every channel.

      You can think for yourself... until you start changing the names of pre-defined items in the scanners.
      When you do that, nobody will know what you mean.

      Joe M.

      On Sat 03/04/10 7:38 PM , "Larry Williams" larryscan@... sent:
      > WOW. A person cant think for himself on this forum. My Banks dont have a
      > set # of freq's. There ARE Banks in these radios if you set the PGM that
      > way. If you have WIN500 I'll email you several programs all having 20 each
      > plus FAV's. Because the Mfg says this is the way its going to be does not
      > have to be absolute. People can still think out of the box. Best Regards to
      > all, Larry
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