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294Re: [BC346XT] 70yr old dummy needs a little HELP

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  • Paul Opitz
    Apr 3, 2010
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      While you can think of them as banks, they are not banks (and using them as such means you won't be using the scanner to its capabilities). Banks have several limitations that the 346 (and its generation) doesn't have. Here are a couple:

      Banks are limited to 10. BC346XT can have up to 400 independent systems, and up to 100 System/Site Quick Keys used with those systems.
      Banks always have a fixed number of channels determined as total channels / 10. For example, a 200-channel banked scanner will have 10 banks of 20 channels each. The 346 can have up to 9000 channels. Each system can have as few as 1 channel and as many as 500 (for trunked systems...more for a conventional system).

      From: Larry Williams <larryscan@...>
      To: BC346XT@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sat, April 3, 2010 12:58:07 PM
      Subject: Re: [BC346XT] 70yr old dummy needs a little HELP

      Thanks for the replys. Got news for ya. This 346 has BANKS. Bank-1 Hwy Patrol, Bank-2 Sheriff, Bank-3 EMS, Bank-4 Fire etc all the way thru Bank-8 Palmetto 800. Thats the way it reads in the Files using FreeScan. They said the PRO106 didnt have banks. Mines got 21. Now back to question. Thanks MCH, but I knew that stuff in 1976. Read all the RR Wiki and PDF files for 346. Just missed the way to turn on or off banks. Program running good so I'll just give it back to Grover and let him figure it out. Best Regards, Larry

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      From: MCH
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      Sent: Saturday, April 03, 2010 1:39 PM
      Subject: Re: [BC346XT] 70yr old dummy needs a little HELP

      Think of the System Quick Keys like assignable 'bank enable' buttons on
      your older scanners. If you want only single-digit ones, you can do that
      and have 10 to turn on or off.

      Systems are like your old banks, only you can put several in one 'bank'.

      Groups are like classes of users. My Groups often consist of Police,
      Fire, EMS, EMA, Public Works, Business, Ham, Air, Railroad, Etc.

      Channels are just like your older scanners, only you have to create them
      - they do not 'pre-exist in blank format'.

      Channels must exist in a Group. Groups must exist in a System (like
      folders on your hard drive).

      Once you know what Systems, Groups, and Channels are, and their
      relationship, you should have a better understanding of the scanner.

      Joe M.

      larryscan29617 wrote:
      > Friend brought 346 to me for help because I've got all my older BC's and newer GRE PGM'ed w/ software. Does anyone have a custom cheat sheet in WORD that they use and would share???. I built several systems with software but failed to grasp all the new terms. Need shortcut to turn on or off banks. Need better understanding of Quick Keys. Pending any replys. Larry

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