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251Breaks in transmission?

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  • livelyjetjester
    Jan 4, 2010
      Hi all. I received my long awaited 346XT as a Christmas gift this year. (Think my wife already regrets the purchase!!).
      I have been working with the included CD and managed to get a few systems programmed and have been listening to local law enforcement.
      I have noticed a number of transmissions having gaps (sorry new to scanning so not sure of the correct term)in them and am wondering what they are. Obviously the despatcher and officer understand what is being said so I'm wondering if it is something wrong with my setup. When I do get the transmission it is as clear as a bell it just has gaps in it. Any ideas what could be going on?
      PS I'll be at CES, are 346XT owners supposed to be wearing a special colored neck tie? ;-)
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