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232Re: [BC346XT] Discriminator Tap

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    Dec 8, 2009
      Can someone explain to me why one would want to do a discriminator tap
      on a .xt radio?

      The new versions of Unitrunker do not require one.
      Neither does Trunk88.

      Gene Fusco wrote:
      > The discriminator tap is present on the 346.
      > When you open up the radio, you will find two PC boards. These are
      > connected by
      > a plug that separates easily when the two boards are gently pulled
      > apart. On the
      > smaller board, next to this plug, are a trio of solder pads. the
      > middle pad is labeled
      > DISC. There are also a few easily accessible GND pads.
      > The real problem will be finding space to permanently mount a jack.
      > Right now, I have
      > a pair of leads running out of the hole that used to anchor the cover
      > flap for the data
      > connection.
      > Are there any unused pins on the data connection?
      > Gene
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