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190346XT Custom Search Problem

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  • dataman60435
    Oct 22 12:43 PM
      Well its been some time since my last post just below this one, and we scannerists here in Rebanded Joliet ILL still have the same problem with the freqy-852.7875 hearing no audio when its the CC and seeing the infamous "i08186" in Custom Search rebanded when this freqy is used as the CC....I put Joliet ILL rebanded in my 396XT Custom Search (works perfect in the 396XT in CSearch on all CC's)with NO REBANDING and i see that same "i08186" come up so my conclusion is on the 346XT some Motorola control channels with certain freqys will not EMIT some info as to where the 346XT does not respond to the rebanding...Sure hope some one important would read this and come to some conclusion or respond to a good Uniden customer that has over $2M worth of scanners!!!!!
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