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Fwd: transportation needed, Jewish Music Festival - "cultural ambassadors"

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    Taking the liberty of forwarding this. There s a hot line-up, it starts this weekend, and here s a last minute chance to volunteer in exchange for not only
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2011
    Taking the liberty of forwarding this. 

    There's a hot line-up, it starts this weekend, and here's a last minute chance to volunteer in exchange for not only great music, but an unusual opportunity. 


    I've done this - played chauffeuse to speakers and performers, for this festival and for the Arab Film Festival. Lemme tell ya, this is a *great* opportunity. Just by being the Knowledgeable Local Schlepper, I've done a good deed and developed friendships that have lasted for years with artists and speakers from all over the place, and had a great time in the process.

    -- Hester

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    Subject: more help needed: transportation - "cultural ambassadors"

    Greetings to all. 
    Share with your friends, pass it on.
     (Gail:  can you share with JFC, please?)
    There are some wonderful opportunities to spend time with the artists coming to 
    perform for us!
    They need rides, and you can act as "cultural ambassador", greeting them, 
    telling them what you like about "our town"...  or..
    some are pick ups (or drop offs) at airports, others
    are rides from where performers are staying to the rehearsals or performances.
    check out the attachment.  
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    We can reimburse you for gas/toll/parking, if needed.
    You can get free tickets to shows, so let me know.
    A real opportunity to get to know these visiting musicians!
    and, once again, thanks for all,
    looking forward to seeing you at the festival!
    Renee Enteen,  volunteer coordinator, JMF
    h)  510-533-3903
    c)  510-219-9748
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