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Albanian Folk Dance Seminars (Albania), Jul - Aug 2011

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  • Joyce Clyde
    From: folkloric@value.net Nada Lewis From: ceeshillebrand Dear friends,I am happy to announce two folkdance seminars in
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      From: folkloric@... Nada Lewis
      From: "ceeshillebrand" <chillebrand@...>

      Dear friends,

      I am happy to announce two folkdance seminars in Albania. In succession of last year's first seminar Genc Kastrati and Helga Saraçi (choreographer and dancers from the National Ensemble) will teach again Albanian folk dances, partly in Tirana, partly in the mountains of northern Albania, staying at local guesthouses with families.

      In the second seminar we will be participating in the Mountain festival in Lepushi, where thousands will gather for an annual meeting with Albanian groups from Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia and northern Albania. This true mountain folk fest will be with music, dance, songs, folk dresses and of course a lot of local food and drinks. A one time experience, never to forget!

      In between the two seminars there is the possibility to do a folklore roundtrip, visiting Elbasan, Berat and Gjirokastër.

      seminar 1: 21-31 July 2011
      roundtrip: 31 July to 7 August 2011
      seminar 2: 7-21 August 2011

      For more information : 

      email: cees@...

      or check out the website:

      http://www.albanian-folklore.com (soon to be ready with all details)

      Best regards,

      Cees Hillebrand
      Tel: ++31647228533
      Address: Zeelberg 6, 5508 ET, Veldhoven, Netherlands

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