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THIS Sun: Persian Dance Workshop. Deadline: Fri Jun 4.

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  • Hala
    Greetings & Happy June, We look forward to dancing with you THIS coming Sun Jun 6 at Shahrzad s Persian Dance Workshop at Halanda Studio in San Jose, CA!
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2010
      Greetings & Happy June,
      We look forward to dancing with you THIS coming Sun Jun 6 at
      Shahrzad's "Persian Dance Workshop" at Halanda Studio in San Jose, CA!

      Take advantage of the low price and register by THIS Fri Jun 4 at the
      latest. Halanda Pass holders get an extra 10% off upon showing a valid
      pass at the event.

      Register online at http://www.halanda.com/calendar-e.html#Shahrzad

      Learn the subtle techniques of this beautiful, elegant and ancient
      dance from a native pro: Shahrzad (http://www.dancepersian.org).
      Simple techniques that will give your dance a new depth!

      Details below and on http://www.Halanda.com

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      Halanda Studio in San Jose, CA (http://www.Halanda.com) is thrilled to
      bring you the talents of Iranian born dancer & teacher, Shahrzad
      (http://dancepersian.org) in a 1-day Persian dance workshop that
      explores both Classical Persian dances as well as Contemporary Persian
      Ballet (Shahrzad's innovative style).

      Details below and on http://halanda.com/calendar-e.html#Shahrzad

      WHEN: Sun June 6, 1:30 - 4:00pm
      1:30am - 3:00pm: Classical Persian Dance
      3:00 - 4:00pm: Contemporary Persian Ballet
      (Class Description below)

      WHERE: Halanda Studio, 1062 Lincoln Ave, San Jose, CA 95125.  For
      directions, please visit http://halanda.com/contact.html

      COST: $35 in advance, $45 at the door.  Halanda Pass holders get 10% discount.
      Register online at http://halanda.com/calendar-e.html#Shahrzad

      Shahrzad Khorsandi has been involved in Persian dance since childhood.
      She studied Dance and Performance Art at California Institute of the
      Arts, has a BA in Dance, and an MA in Creative Arts from San Francisco
      State University. Her dance training includes Modern, Jazz, Ballet,
      West African, Afro-Haitian, Flamenco, and Persian. Shahrzad currently
      works as a dance instructor/choreographer in the Bay Area, has been
      faculty at Solano College, St. Mary’s College, Diablo Valley College
      and Contra Costa College, and is the founder and artistic director of
      Shahrzad Dance Company (SDC), based in Richmond, California. Shahrzad
      has combined her formal training in dance with her intrinsic knowledge
      of Persian aesthetics, to explore the depths of Persian dance and has
      developed a formal structure for teaching this style.
      What makes Shahrzad’s work unique is her background in a culture rich
      in ancient aesthetics evident in its calligraphy, painting, and
      poetry. These aesthetics are seen and felt in the flow of the movement
      and the oneness of the body with the music. However, what
      distinguishes her work from most other “ethnic” dances is her
      innovative, contemporary choreography. With conceptual themes and
      complex movement patterns, Shahrzad has managed to capture & combine
      the unleashed expression of contemporary dance with the refined,
      poetically potent aesthetics of an ancient culture, creating her own
      unique style of dance which she identifies as Contemporary Persian

      Class Description:
      Classical Persian dance is a fluid yet rhythmic dance form, which
      emphasizes the use of hands and wrists. The movement and positioning
      of the body reflect the rich and refined aesthetics of Persia. The
      focus of this course is on the shape of the hands, movement of the
      wrists and feet, isolation and coordination of arms and legs, and
      capturing the Persian aesthetics in the body line. Nomenclature of the
      movements will be presented in Farsi (Persian language). Pre-recorded
      Classical Persian music will be used in class

      Shahrzad's unique style of Contemporary Persian Ballet captures &
      combines the unleashed expression of contemporary dance with the
      refined, poetically potent aesthetics of ancient Persia, resulting in
      choreography that is both conceptual and organically expressive.

      Looking forward to dancing with you THIS Sun!
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