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Ethnic folkdance catalog and collections: Village & Early Music Society

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  • Richard Geisler
    Please execute me, but It is entirely possible that you got this offaloffer already. Well, maybe not.......so.......here goes: Few of you know me by my alias
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2002
      Please execute me, but It is entirely possible that you got this offaloffer
      already. Well, maybe not.......so.......here goes:

      Few of you know me by my alias name "Richard Geisler", but many more know me
      as Drahcir El Relsieg, Maestro Music Scribbler..... and many many more (
      ...like gobs & gobs) play from my transcriptions of Balkan and International
      folkdance music and song.

      My urge to you is a Christmas suggestion for a gift of sheet music. It
      could be for yourself as well, especially if you don't already own one or
      more collections of ethnic folkdance sheet music for which many
      folkmusicians esteem me.

      Go ahead and read the short description of the 4 collections that so many
      musicians and folkbands use; then I would like to hear from you if you are
      interested to purchase one or more of them or perehaps would like me to mail
      you my catalog which lists 100s of titles.

      You need to include your POSTAL ADDRESS so I can mail you the catalog,
      which is an excellent resource to have.

      Here follows a general description:


      The 4 collections offered here are the

      BULGARIAN COLLECTION (35 tunes, $25),
      YUGOSLAV COLLECTION (40 tunes from Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia- $25),
      BALKANALIAN COLLECTION (40 tunes from Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia,
      Croatia, Romania - $25)
      & INTERNATIONAL COLLECTION (55 tunes, $35).

      The collections include a Foreword that presents information and a general
      description of the music contents; care and use of the music for practice
      and performance; other collections available; sources of information about
      folk dance, records, tapes and periodicals; an ethnographic/cultural listing
      of the music; an alphabetic listing with pagination.

      The individual pieces include information on instrumentation, vocals and
      orchestration. In addition to this, the BULGARIAN & YUGOSLAV & BALKANALIAN
      COLLECTIONS include maps to locate places of origin of the dances. Also, a
      pronunciation guide to the Serbo-Croat-Bulgarian languages is provided.

      The collections are attractive, artistic and scholarly. They offer unique
      music and are thorough in their presentation of sources and information of
      interest. Each individual title contains all the information necessary for
      playing the tune: metronomic marking for tempos, chords and rhythms for
      chording and drumming, key changes, play patterns, lyrics in translation and
      transliteration, harmony and rhythm parts. Instrumentation and
      orchestration are noted or suggested for many tunes. Unusual or interesting
      bass lines are written out.

      In short, the music offered by THE VILLAGE & EARLY MUSIC SOCIETY is NOT FAKE

      The TRANSCRIPTIONS ARE SCORES used by folk musicians and bands across the
      country: Allspice Folk Dance Band (Seattle), Boulder Hat Band (Boulder),
      Ellis Island Tradition (Albuquerque), Pleasant Peasant Band (Honolulu),
      Brown Bag Band (Ann Arbor), and many more all-Balkan bands & upstart groups
      in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world.

      Thanks for taking time to read my announcement. Now I'd like to hear from
      you. Don't forget to include you postal address if you want me to send the

      If you actually want to buy something, you're a very trusting person! I'll
      trust you right back by sending your order with an invoice. You pay when
      you get it.

      Harmoni Mundi,
      Drahcir El Relsieg
      (a.k.a. Richard Geisler)

      P.S. I will write you once again sometime latter in November to announce
      quite adifferent suggestion for Christmas.
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